Application of plywood, scope of application of plywood products

Plywood application


  • maintenance bridges and loading bays
  • outbuildings and facilities
  • fences
  • farm buildings
  • roofing materials
  • warehouses
  • partitions, doors
  • scaffolding
  • flooring under the floor
  • formwork

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:

Monolithic House Building

  • formwork for columns
  • foundation formwork
  • formwork for floors
  • wall formwork
  • tunnel formwork

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • trailers
  • sheathing
  • the doors
  • bodywork
  • the floors

In production:

  • trucks
  • shopping trailers
  • caravans
  • trolleybuses
  • containers
  • buses
  • trailers
  • campgrounds
  • pickups
  • wagons


  • facades, side and rear cabinets
  • case for upholstered furniture
  • garden and garden furniture
  • bathroom furniture
  • tables and tabletops
  • cabinets and shelves
  • kitchen furniture
  • shelving
  • children's furniture (tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, etc.)
  • school furniture

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • children's and playground equipment
  • sports and playgrounds (hockey rinks, skateboard ramps, snow slides, seats for spectators on sports fields, benches, sides, flooring under the floors, floor coverings)
  • children's slides

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • interior decoration of yachts and ships
  • trim boards, partitions
  • decks of yachts, boats and ships
  • seats on boats, catamarans and passenger ships

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • facade design
  • balcony floors
  • scaffolding
  • roofing
  • gate and fence

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • sound-absorbing panels
  • auditoriums
  • concert halls
  • wall panels, partitions
  • windowsills
  • doors
  • parquet boards

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • tare and packing
  • decorative boxes and boxes

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • traffic signs
  • billboards
  • elevators, etc.

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:


  • souvenirs
  • vases, plates
  • children's toys

Фанерные продукты для данной сферы:

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