SyPly LOGO customer

SyPly LOGO customer

Laminated plywood WBP with logotype of your company on request

A distinctive feature of SyPly LOGO customer plywood is the application of the dealer's logo on the outer surface to visually inform the buyer about the affiliation of these products to the dealer's products. The laminated surface of the board is highly resistant to various natural and chemical influences. This property makes SyPly film faced plywood indispensable in the production of durability surfaces.
  • assistance in product promotion by the dealer
  • exceptional strength and durability
  • increased water resistance


SyPly LOGO customer

Formation of SyPly LOGO customer plywood grades

1st grade, 1/2 grade

There is the difference between grades of plywood and grades of veneer. Grades of plywood are made up of veneer grades which are used for covering. For example, plywood covered on the front side with grade B veneer and on the back side with BB veneer will have grade B/BB - the first indicates the highest grade.

View pictures of plywood by grade


SyPly LOGO customer

Long grain direction on outer veneer sheets:

2440x1220, 2500x1250

Cross grain direction on outer veneer sheets:

1220х2440, 1250х2500


Size on demand

Thickness, mm

SyPly LOGO customer

6.0, 9.0, 12.0, 12.5, 15.0, 18.0, 19.0, 20.0, 21.0, 24.0, 27.0, 30.0, 32.0, 35.0

Number of layers, pcs.


SyPly LOGO customer
Film density

120, 220

Film color

colors on request with your logo,


smooth (F/F)

Glue type / Water resistance


increased water resistance


5-7 %


    • trailers
    • sheathing
    • the doors
    • bodywork
    • the floors

    In production:

    • trucks
    • shopping trailers
    • caravans
    • trolleybuses
    • containers
    • buses
    • trailers
    • campgrounds
    • pickups
    • wagons
    • formwork for columns
    • foundation formwork
    • formwork for floors
    • wall formwork
    • tunnel formwork


SyPly LOGO customer
SIZE, mm

Long grain direction:

2440x1220, 2500x1250

Cross grain direction:

1220х2440, 1250х2500

Size on demand
Cut-to-size is possible
Additional options: cutting of tongue and groove or half and lap
Grades 1st grade, 1/2 grade
THICKNESS, mm 6.0 | 9.0 | 12.0 | 12.5 | 15.0 | 18.0 | 19.0 | 20.0 | 21.0 | 24.0 | 27.0 | 30.0 | 32.0 | 35.0
Film density 120, 220
Film color colors on request with your logo,
Surface smooth (F/F)
Class of formaldehyde emission Fact E0,5 (Standard E1)
Glue type / Water resistance WBP ( increased water resistance )
Humidity 5-7 %


Materials on SyPly LOGO customer

SyPly plywood handbook

SyPly plywood handbook


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Type of plywood:
Coated smooth plywood SyPly™
SyPly LOGO customer
Glue type/water resistance

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