Competition "Designer of the Year" | 01.12.2023

Competition "Designer of the Year"

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Syktyvkar Plywood Mill acted as an official partner of the competition, designed to stimulate and support the development of Russian designers

On November 22, the results of the All-Russian open competition “Designer of the Year” were summed up in the Moscow City complex. The best professionals in the field of interior design and product design in Russia presented their works at the event.

Organized within the framework of DESIGNSPACES, the competition acted as a platform to encourage original author's solutions and support the best designers in the field of private and public interiors, object design, decorative objects and interior concepts.

179 talented industry representatives took part in the competition, demonstrating the diversity and potential of modern Russian design. The competition included six nominations reflecting various areas of modern design. In each category, 279 applications were submitted, filled with creative ideas, unique solutions and inspiring concepts.

The event, held with the support of the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill and UFK GROUP, was aimed at the development of Russian design and served as a measure of support for talented craftsmen, as well as a promising step towards cooperation between the design community and material manufacturers, which will serve as an impetus for the creation of grandiose and unique design projects.

Details of the competition and results can be found on the website DESIGNSPACES.

Competition "Designer of the Year"
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