SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Kitchen with workbench and red stairs | 10.04.2023

SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Kitchen with workbench and red stairs

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The new space of the veranda has acquired logic and functionality: the most comfortable isolated kitchen and dining area has appeared

The alteration affected the extension of a country house, in which a small kitchen huddled, and more than half of the area was occupied by a staircase. First of all, the Dachny otvet team solved the main problem of the premises – they moved the stairs outside the kitchen, thereby freeing up space for a full-fledged dining room. The floor has undergone a major renovation. It was reassembled with the help of screw piles and a lattice of timber. The rough base was assembled from SyPly moisture resistant construction plywood 21 mm thick. Due to its multi-layered nature, plywood creates a rigid base for any floor finish. The author of the project Julia Sidorova chose the material for finishing the floor for each zone, taking into account the specifics of the room. Shabby concrete effect tiles were selected for the kitchen and hallway. In the dining area, the floor was finished with engineered oak boards.

As a result of the transfer of the stairs, a part of the log house was opened, which became the main decoration of the dining room, emphasizing the history of the house. The exposed logs set the stylistic direction in the design of the kitchen, becoming a reference to the Russian hut. Intense red color has become a connecting bridge between folk style and modernity. The staircase, storage system and part of the kitchen set are made in this color. A painted rooster on a wooden canvas, stylized as traditional decorative elements, helped to add a little Russian style to the space. Another reference to the Russian hut was a mobile kitchen island in the form of a workbench. During the reception of guests, it can play the role of a serving table, and during cooking it can be used as an auxiliary work surface.

A few more details set the mood for the renovated space: textile pillows, chairs in scarlet upholstery and a linen tablecloth on the table.

You will find the description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Dchny Otvet". Broadcast from 03/26/2023.
Project author: Yulia Sidorova

SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Kitchen with workbench and red stairs
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