Plywood SyPly and chipboard Lamarty in the decors "ALIKANTE" in the project on the NTV channel | 09.03.2023

Plywood SyPly and chipboard Lamarty in the decors "ALIKANTE" in the project on the NTV channel

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The waiting room of the sauna of the heroes of the TV project “Dachny Otvet” resembled a utility room with a pit of an unfinished swimming pool. A team of experienced builders turned an unfinished building into a cozy relaxation room with a fireplace

“Dacha Otvet” received a failed garage at its disposal, it same – unfinished swimming pool. The author of the project Victoria Zolina managed to change the fate of this space for the better – turn it into a comfortable spa hall. The mezzanine above the steam room was expanded - according to the designer’s plan, beds were supposed to appear here.

The mezzanine floor above the steam room was completed using load-bearing timber beams. They laid SyPly construction plywood. The craftsmen used sheets with increased moisture resistance with a thickness of 21 millimeters, so the durable flooring can easily support the whole family.

The pit, where the waters of the pool never made noise, was filled with foam blocks. But they still left a small depression for a decorative pond.
An alternative to the pool is a large lounge area with comfortable, deep sofas, where the whole family can now sit and, if desired, even sleep. For water treatments, the room has a shower area with a tub, which is separated from the main room by a wall made of glass blocks. The master sauna is beautifully made and does not require any intervention. But with the niche and “mezzanine for brooms” that the heroes organized above the sauna, they had to work thoroughly. A cozy place with mattresses and pillows appeared here, so the relaxation area turned out to be two-tiered.

And of course, for complete relaxation, the space needs an area for tea drinking. Our heroes will be able to prepare their favorite drinks on the console, which will have sockets for connecting a teapot and coffee pot, as well as shelves for candies and sweets. In addition, the console will complement. a fireplace! So the owners of the house will be provided with complete rest and relaxation.

A podium was made for the sofa, covered with laminated chipboard Lamarty in the decor Alicante, which was supplemented with lighting for visual lightness. In addition, laminated chipboard with the same wood pattern was used to decorate the mezzanine shelves. The decor with a pattern of freshly cut wood is complemented by fancy Artex embossing. A non-trivial option for decorating a modern interior. The combination of intersecting stripes of different thicknesses and densities creates a deep 3D effect on the surface of laminated particle boards. The shimmering shine of deep glossy lines, intertwined with a matte texture, gives the finished furniture a very interesting visual and tactile effect.

The image of a cozy, relaxing space is completed by a composition of dried flowers, filling the room with the aroma of herbs, as well as a collection of bath accessories.

The broadcast and a detailed description of the project can be found on the website of the “Dachny Otvet” program -
Author of the project: Founder of the design studio Zi-design. Victoria Zolina 
Broadcast from 02/19/2023.

Plywood SyPly and chipboard Lamarty in the decors  "ALIKANTE" in the project on the NTV channel
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