Turkeybuild Istanbul 2018 | 01.06.2018

Turkeybuild Istanbul 2018

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Plywood trademark SyPly was presented at the largest international exhibition in Turkey (8-12.05.2018)

TurkeyBuild Istanbul is one of the largest exhibitions in Turkey in the construction industry, covering the Balkans, the CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa. Traditionally, this exhibition is held in different cities of Turkey - Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir (in May, September and October, respectively, international exhibitors present the latest products, technologies and innovations in the industry). The largest of them takes place in Istanbul. For the first time TurkeyBuild was held in 1978 and since then it has become the most impressive event in the construction sector of the industry of Turkey - the total number of visitors exceeds 100,000 people. Being the most important construction exhibition in Turkey, TurkeyBuild brings the latest innovations to visitors and potential investors in this field. In 2018, Eksioglu company presented SyPly Plywood factory SyPly plywood at its booth. Eksioglu is the official SyPly dealer in Turkey.
Turkeybuild Istanbul 2018
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