Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom for growth | 25.03.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom for growth

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Another design experiment in the country house of the heroes of the TV project even affected the street space, in which zones were organized for warm family evenings. The main attention is still paid to the transformation of the bedroom.

The first thing that was done was changing the window configurations. The problem of insufficient lighting in the room was solved by increasing the glazing on the south wall, where the exit to the terrace is located. Light walls and a white ceiling also helped solve the problem of brightening the space.

The transformation also affected the terrace area. Now you can get to it both from the bedroom and from the street. For relaxation there are benches and a fire pit.

In the bedroom itself, which is a fairly elongated room, designer Konstantin Divier designed three zones: the bedroom itself, a dressing room and an office, which the owner of the house dreamed of. The zoning of the space was ensured by a partition - it was behind it that a dressing room with a spacious storage system was hidden. To erect a zoning partition, guides were nailed to the wall and floor, and rack beams were nailed to them. The frame was sheathed with structural plywood of increased moisture resistance SyPly BIRCH Low. This type of plywood is used in building structures when strength characteristics are primarily important, and the appearance of the front side of the material plays a secondary role.
In this case, the second layer of sheathing was made of durable gypsum fiber sheets, which can easily withstand the weight of both decorative laminated chipboard panels and a massive headboard.

The wall panels are made from Lamarty laminated chipboard in the popular wood decor ALBERO, they were secured with liquid nails against the wall with sides of the future head of the bed.
A storage system made of laminated chipboard in the same lamination was installed in the dressing room. There are drawers with closers, rods, and many shelves.. All this is neatly hidden behind blank facades, without creating visual noise.

On the other side of the partition there is a bed, in front of which there is enough space left for a console table - according to the idea of ​​​​the author of the project, Konstantin Divier, it will, if necessary, become a workplace or a dressing table. In addition, the cantilever structure became part of the auxiliary storage system. The console itself was assembled from Lamarty chipboard. Fronts of drawers in a foggy shade of decor CLOUD from BALANCE collections are laconically framed by cases in BLACK decor with a unique surface structure NEXT.

The result is a stylish and truly cozy bedroom, the mood of which is continued by the new terrace. For a comfortable pastime, this area was equipped with street lighting and furniture was placed. The main attraction of the terrace was the cast iron fire pit. This is both decor and, if desired, a barbecue with a protective cover that will allow you to quickly and safely extinguish the flame and prevent the embers from scattering.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the program website "Dacha Answer"

Broadcast from 11/02/24

Author of the project: architect, interior designer, co-founder of the Snob Architects bureau Konstantin Divier.
Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Bedroom for growth
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