Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Attic in beads | 23.01.2024

Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Attic in beads

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A typical attic has been transformed into a spectacular and functional space, in which a bedroom and a living room with a cinema have appeared

The Dachny Otvet team had to organize a living room and bedroom on the attic floor instead of the warehouse that reigned there. Most of the attic is reserved for the living room. The interior chosen by the authors of the project is light, reminiscent of manor chic with classic elements, which look special in contrast with modern solutions. The living room area was decorated with a steam fireplace in tiles and a frameless sofa in the same dusty blue shade. Opposite the upholstered furniture there is a TV area with a floor stand. Its body, shelves and fronts are white, and the back wall inside is wood-look. It is made from Lamarty laminated chipboards in White and Albero decors.

To divide the space into zones, the designers of the Makedesign studio divided the living area of the attic with a partition, which highlighted a cozy, intimate bedroom. A low podium was built in the future bedroom. For good sound insulation, stone wool was laid on the floor, and the podium frame was covered with a layer of birch plywood produced by the Syktyvkar plywood mill. The material is durable and moisture-resistant, and you can safely lay the finishing floor covering on it. The new walls in the attic were made warm and soundproof. To do this, a cake was assembled from stone wool, birch plywood 12 mm thick and gypsum fiber board. Birch plywood SyPly BIRCH Low will become an additional barrier to noise.

The wall in the sleeping area was covered with upholstery, thereby creating a giant headboard that reaches up to the ceiling. A bed base with a material matching the color of the soft wall was installed close to the headboard. Level with the base of the bed stood two low bedside tables in a reproduction of Albero oak decor from Lamarty chipboard. Their feature is low sides around the perimeter, ensuring the safety of items stacked on top. Hidden under the roof slopes were roll-out storage systems made from those white laminated boards. And in the corner of the bedroom, two frameless armchairs nestled comfortably, accompanied by a white round coffee table.

The third part of the updated space was the private area, which is located behind corrugated glass. This light transparent partition delicately defined the dressing room. Such a fence does not block daylight, but you cannot see the details of the private area behind it. The dressing room, like the rest of the storage systems around the perimeter of the attic, was hidden under the roof slopes. Lamarty laminated chipboard cabinets and shelving are custom-made according to the drawings of the project authors. White slabs were chosen for the dressing room, thereby emphasizing the clean lines of the walls and ceiling that envelop the attic space. The wardrobe furniture wall is not high, but deep, which will allow you to place everything you need, and the lighting will make it easier to find the necessary things. A continuation of the cabinets is a multifunctional table, which can take on the role of a boudoir table or workplace.

The connecting furniture composition between the dressing room and the living room was the shelving under the roof slopes. They are also made from Lamarty chipboard in White and Albero decor. The woody texture of oak echoes the accent beams of the attic. And the backlight provides local illumination and serves as a light accent.

Chandeliers with pendants made of wooden beads took their place in the interior - style-forming elements of the updated space. The highlight of the project is the paintings created by a neural network in the style of the Renaissance, which playfully decorate the space.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Otvet”. Broadcast from 12/10/2023.
Project authors: Karnaukhova Diana and Lukyanova Victoria

Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Attic in beads
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