SyPly plywood at an exhibition in Iran | 13.11.2023

SyPly plywood at an exhibition in Iran

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From October 10 to 12, SPM ltd took part in the International Industrial Exhibition “EXPO-RUSSIA IRAN 2023”

The exhibition took place at the exhibition center of the Iranian capital “Tehran Milad International Convention Center”. The event was attended by more than 100 exhibitors from Russia and Iran, and the number of participants was more than 20,000 people from Western Asia and the Persian Gulf.

Syktyvkar plywood plant at its own exhibition stand presented to the exhibition participants an environmentally friendly wood-based material - SyPly plywood products of world-class quality, with wide functionality opportunities. The plant's exposition presented the main range of plywood products produced at the enterprise: laminated plywood lined with phenolic film, birch plywood for construction and interior decoration, plywood with an anti-slip surface in five types of embossing and other types of products.

Employees of SPM ltd shared with visitors to the stand various options for using plywood and the possibilities of its use, revealing the potential of the material beyond the construction industry. Foreign guests of the stand highly appreciated the high quality of SyPly plywood and its functionality.

The contacts established during the exhibition “EXPO-RUSSIA IRAN 2023” will help develop and strengthen cooperation in the market of the Republic of Iran and the countries of the Middle East.

SyPly plywood at an exhibition in Iran
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