SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Embracing living room | 02.05.2023

SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Embracing living room

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The interior of the living room has acquired the atmosphere of a seaside resort with a Mediterranean accent, in which the holiday mood will reign

Leaded by experienced designers, the Dachny Otvet team created a branch of a seaside resort in the living room of a country house. Instead of the southern sun, the owners of the house will be warmed by the flames of the fireplace, near which it will be possible to gather the whole family on winter evenings, comfortably sitting on a spacious sofa.

A soft cork floor resembles soft sand. The moisture resistant 21mm thick SyPly construction plywood served as a strong and stable base for the final floor covering, which was further processed antiseptic. Old logs were sewn up with twelve millimeter sheets of birch plywood. Finishing the walls with plywood makes it possible to obtain a flat surface for further finishing. Gypsum-fiber sheets were fixed on the walls over plywood, on which, using textured putty, a surface imitating cork was created. The floor and ceiling of the room with such a cork texture serve as a kind of reference to travertine, which would definitely appear in a real Mediterranean interior. The corners of the walls are rounded, now they will look like they are carefully hugging a large family.

The central architectural element of the interior is the arch, which not only zones the space for the dining room and living room, but also serves as a disguise for the supporting structure.

You will find the description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Dachny Otvet". Broadcast from 04/23/2023.
Project authors: Shkaf Architects (founded by Victoria Korneeva and Anna Akhremenkova).

SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Embracing living room
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