Chipboard Lamarty and SyPly plywood in "Dachny Otvet" project on NTV. Road to home. | 05.12.2022

Chipboard Lamarty and SyPly plywood in "Dachny Otvet" project on NTV. Road to home.

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The TV project team brought light, style and comfort to the new life of the kitchen-living room. SyPly plywood served as a solid base for decorative finishes, and Laminated chipboard in Gray 7810 decor decorated the interior as cabinet furniture.

Designer Amelina Maria chose the minimalism and practicality of the Scandinavian style as the main reference point for decorating the kitchen-living room of a country house. It is characterized by a minimal amount of furniture, closeness to nature, free spaces and natural shades, all this makes the interior in a small space cozy and strict at the same time. In terms of color, this project became a soft, gentle story in pastel colors that allowed the space to expand. The interior has become harmonious, functional and filled with warmth of this house due to natural materials: wood and wicker.

The transformations began from the very foundation: the first thing the builders of the "Dachny otvet" took up the floor. The ceilings were strengthened: new logs made the base of the floor reliable, after which strong plywood sheets made by the Syktyvkar plywood mill were laid on top of the log. This is a durable material that suits many types of floor finishes. Porcelain stoneware with a concrete pattern was laid in the kitchen area, and laminate with an ivory-tinted oak pattern was laid in the living room.

The interior is built on a combination of various elements. In the renovated fireplace area, fire and the shore of a reservoir overgrown with herbs coexist. The old bulky fireplace was replaced by a new compact stove, which, despite its size, works much more efficiently than before. A graphic porcelain stoneware panel was laid out behind the stove. The pattern reflects the classic tiled decoration of fireplace portals. The walls and ceiling of the living room are given over to the power of the elements of air. Most of the surfaces have acquired a light blue tint. And the darkness that reigned here before the alteration was finally dispelled. The problem of lack of daylight was solved radically. An enlarged window opening in the living area provided access to the sun. To complicate the geometry of the renovated space, contrasting "stripes" were mounted on the ceiling - decorative beams tinted in a rich walnut shade, which visually increased the height of the ceiling.

The layout of the living room and kitchen is kept the same. Since the family spends most of its time in the living room, they did not heavily clutter it with furniture, but at the same time, all surfaces can be used as seats: a sofa, a window sill, a TV stand. The living room is separated from the kitchen by a console with compartments for magazines, which can be used as a work surface. A three-section modular sofa on solid beech legs was installed in the living room so that a large family can comfortably sit down to watch their favorite movie. There are coffee tables near the sofa: one spectacular slab, emphasizing the natural concept, the other more modest. The rustic history of the house is emphasized by a hanging cocoon chair, which adds a sense of relaxation and comfort to the room. Near the window there was a bench connected to the window sill. There is a storage system with drawers along the entire east wall. She is also a TV stand, she is also another bench where you can sit or lie down with your favorite book.

The kitchen is divided into a working and dining area. The kitchen set was built as functionally as possible, while it remains non-dominant, since it is not completely visible from the living room. Cabinet frames are made of quality Lamarty chipboard in Gray 7810 color. The original layout of the headset includes high storage systems with compartments for household appliances, a showcase for dishes, a kitchen peninsula and a number of hanging modules. So you can easily place all the necessary auxiliary equipment and supplies for a large family. The facades, complemented by mortise handles, are painted in a complex delicate shade. All the appliances are at hand, the sink under the window will allow you to watch the children playing in the yard, and the island part of the kitchen will allow the hostess to cook while remaining facing those sitting at the table. Since the owner of the house is fond of beautiful, stylish dishes, the designer designed a showcase with lighting and glass doors, which are located at the entrance to the kitchen area. The body and shelves are made of laminated chipboard in Gray 7810. A large family lives in a country house, which means that an appropriate dining area was needed. The dining table was made from a rare variety of small-leaved oak in a single copy. The whole family can comfortably sit behind it. A natural wood corner bench with textured fabric upholstered back lined up along the wall and by the window provides more seating while saving space than chairs. Chairs were added on the second side of the table, which, if desired, can be turned towards the island and used as a bar counter.

Description and video of the broadcast can be found on the official website of the TV show "Dachny otvet". Broadcast on november 13, 2022.
Project author: Amelina Maria

Chipboard Lamarty and SyPly plywood in "Dachny Otvet" project on NTV. Road to home.
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