SyPly Lamarty


The plywood manufacture needs the most important ancient building material – wood, which is renewable and safe natural raw product. Wood is easily for processing and utilized without any deep damage for the environment. Syktyvkar plywood mill is almost a wasteless industry as the veneer leavings and wood chips are used for chipboard manufacture. Modern approach of wood materials recycling based on utilization of wood in the best possible way is the main point in environmental protection policy. Ongoing development of resins and different additions for wood-based panels manufacture are improving the products safety and secure the physicomechanical properties. The bonding materials used in plywood manufacture are safe and non-hazardous for humans and animals, the measured values fulfill even the strictest international requirements –BFU 100 in accordance with DIN 68705, part 3.

More than 1.2 mln. roubles were invested in the enviromental protection during 2002. Nearly 70 % of this amount was spent for new equipment to be installed with purposes to minimise harmful environmental impacts.